JGB LOGO(1)(2)

The Process

After receiving your football, it will go through numerous steps for completion. Making sure your football will be remembered by everyone.

Getting the football ready. First washing the football then sanding down and exposing the leather. Once the leather can breathe, it will allow the primer to attach.

Now we get the ball ready for a special primer coat that will allow the first coat to attach.Then we allow the primer to fully cure prior to applying the first coat.

Two coats of a special latex paint is used. Prior artists would use a oil base coat but that would allow the ball to crack and chip. Using the latex formula, the paint will adjust to temperature changes and give flexibility to the work. Then the layers of paint will have to cure fully until artwork can be done. Remember, all the work is done by hand. No machines. It’s completely hand done for you.

Let’s get to the fun part. Making the logos. We want you to have the exact logos used during that special moment. It’s important that you look at this ball and recall it’s moment in time.

Now we want to capture what happened and to who it belongs to. The little details that help explain the history of the ball by just looking at it.

Trim time. Bordering the ball and trimming out the laces gives it that signature look. It helps projecting the artwork out. 

Finally we clear coat the ball with a UV protectant and then it’s finished. It’s “one of a kind” artwork is ready for you to enjoy and display.. Showcasing your football talent through mine making it a complete art piece to enjoy.