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For over 15 years, I have been fortunate to work with players and teams in the NFL, NFLPA,  NFL Alumni,  NCAA and many others (such as yourself) creating their memories on their footballs. Everything is hand-brushed, drawn and painted capturing that special moment. It could be your first game, first touchdown, special win, celebration, or anything that has a special memory in your life. Many players and coaches have footballs they have collected throughout the years with nothing on them, leaving the football silenced not knowing the history of that ball. Oh, the stories they could tell. Many of us live for the game. It has taught us how to achieve your dreams by hard work and dedication. It is who we are.  Other companies out there use stickers, iron-on decals, computer generated photos and so on. Not me. I exclusively do all my work and design by hand, creating this process the classic way.  I have been told that you can get a print of a masterpiece or buy the masterpiece. Well, you can! That’s why hundreds of current and former players in the NFL prefer getting footballs painted by me and it is more personal to them. You dedicated your life to the game… why not go to the one guy who has dedicated his talent making your memories remembered for everyone to see. 

– Joe Beland

My Inspiration

To my loving wife and best friend, Monica. Without her persistent pushing and support, no one would have ever seen my work. I love you and thank you for helping everyone enjoy a little piece of me.